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Cables Transport of Greenwich 1956

This short 8mm vintage home movie was made in 1956 by a photographer who wanted to feature the company their family owned, Cables Transport in Greenwich.

When I first saw the film I hadn’t realised the connection to the photographer but as I was putting the box the film was in away I saw the photographers name was Miss D Cables and I realised the connection.

I’ve looked online, but I can’t now find any reference to the company, Cables Transport, but I did find another reference to it in a few pictures on flickr by a former lorry driver. Those pictures seem to show lorries which are of later design than the ones in this film, so I assume the company was still running at least a few years later, but doesn’t survive to the present day.

At one part of the film the lorries can be seen entering a gate with the name ‘Broad & Montague’ above them. Interestingly, this seems to also be a transport company of the time because I found another picture on Flickr by the same former lorry driver of a lorry with that name on. Again, I can’t find any reference to that company now – the only Broad & Montague I found was an insurance company in Scotland. I wonder if the two company’s were connected?

Anyway, whatever the back story, I find the short film interesting to watch. As well as the lorries, there are some interesting old cars in the film and I also found it noticable how little traffic there was. Although not of significance historically, I find this post really interesting from a social history point of view.

There is an odd sequence at about 1:40 when a man emerges from a door in seemingly slow motion and then in the next sequence seems to be at slightly high speed. I’ll just point out that this wasn’t an effect I added – the actual film does that although I don’t know why. Possibly it was a clockwork camera and the speed altered slightly with the spring tension?

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A software developer by profession and an amateur photographer by hobby I've been interested in all things photographic since I was a teenager some 40 years ago. Many of my interests centre around vintage film photography and cinematography.


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