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Burnham Beeches in a Ford Anglia

The film included in this post shows four people having a picnic and day out at Burnham Beeches in their Ford Anglia car sometime (I...

Film scanning and processing

A blog post explaining how I transfer the vintage home movies from their original film to the digital clips which appear on the site.

Norway Coastal Trip – Part 2

This post features the second part of a standard 8mm home movie of a trip taken along the coast of Norway in the months of...

Skiing at Igls in Austria in 1957

This post features a standard 8 home movie taken on the Austrian Ski slopes in 1957 when a family made a film of themselves skiing...

Christmas Party games 1959

I thought that since another Christmas has just passed us and we are now into another year it would be interesting to contrast the Christmas...

Hillman Imp driving school

This post features a short clip (about 2 minutes) of a driving school from the 1960s which used Hillman Imp cars. It was the first...

Two films of Venice in 1954 and 1970

This post is a little different from others on vintage-home-movies because it features two short clips of the same location, but separated by 16 years....

Scenes in Paris in 1969

This post features a reasonably long 15 minute clip which was taken in Paris, France during the year 1969. I bought the film a couple...

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