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Women’s Cooperative Guild Ceremony c 1964

This post shows a short clip which is part of a standard 8 film recording a ceremony which has something to do with the Women’s Cooperative Guild. The film was not in a box, so I don’t know exactly when it was taken, but I estimate it’s something like 1964.

Women’s Cooperative Guild Tree planting ceremony

The ceremony involves planting a tree by an official of a town somewhere in the UK. Frustratingly, there is a shot of a plaque which was erected near the tree, but the definition of the capture is not good enough to quite read what is written on the board. The words I think can make out are:

This Oak tree was presented by the Alder***K Women’s co operative Guild of the London Co Operative society to commemorate the * * of the ** worldwide

It’s possible the location is Aldersbrook?

I would be really interested to know where this was. It was obviously somewhere in London so if anyone who sees this post can identify the location, please let me know in the comments below.

The actual clip itself is only 1:30 long and starts with a sequence showing the Women’s Cooperative Guild banner. On the original film this took up about 30 seconds, so I edited much of that out when the film was scanned. The film then shows dignitaries and official guests arriving at a park with the Mayor seeming to be the person who is going to do the actual tree planting. There is a very distinguished old car in this shot.

After some greetings and handshakes, the actual ceremony takes place. The mayor makes a speech, shovels a vew spadefuls of earth into the hole where the tree is planted, and then poses for some press pictures. The press photographer has an interesting press camera – possibly a speed graphic.

With the tree planted the film finishes on the shot of the plaque.

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