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A trip to Croatia and Vienna

This post features a standard 8 vintage home movie which was taken sometime in the 1960s during a trip to Zagreb in Croatia and then Vienna in Austria.

The film had written on the reel the single word ‘Vienna’, which gave me the clue as to the location and I assumed the film was all taken in Vianna, but after some research it turns out the start of the film was shot in Croatia.

The film starts with a sequence taken in an airplane showing the view through the window. After a few seconds looking at the land passing below, probably as the plane is coming in to land since the ground is not that far away, the action shifts to after the plane has landed and the photographer is in the city of Zagreb.

After an initial view of a church and a tram in the street, the film records some industrial equipment which may be laid out on plinths and displays or might just be part of some construction work taking place. I wondered if the visit may have been to an industry fair or product launch. The name ‘Victor’ appears in a display, but I couldn’t find any reference to a company called Victor in Zagreb.

The next shots are of a large building with an oriental style roof which has flags from the Soviet Union and Croatia flying. The film then moves to an interior shot of a building with a large Soviet flag flying in the window.

The church which appears next, and a building marked TRG Stjepana Radica were the clues which helped me find that the film had been shot in Croatia as well as Vienna. Some google searching of that name helped piece everything together.

The action moves to a train ride across mountains and then shots of the City of Vienna including the Cathedral. There is scaffolding around the tower of the Cathedral which may provide a clue as to the date the film was taken.

The photographer then took another plane trip, which is shown in the film along with a sequence showing some sort of parade in what seems to be either a German or Austrian town.

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