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Aldershot military display

This standard 8 film shows some sort of military display which took place at Aldershot in Hampshire probably in the 1970s.

I did some research on military displays at Aldershot and found that there used to be a military tattoo but that took place between 1922 and 1939, and the display shown in this video is obviously much later than that. I would estimate that this display was probably filmed in the 1970s.

I’m a bit puzzled as to what was filmed here – if anyone has any information I’d be really grateful for some comments and then I can update the article to reflect that information.

Aldershot Military Display

The film opens with a scene showing a fort which has a large area of grass in front and a crowd set back from the fort. There seems to be a military band emerging from the gates of the fort and marching out into the grassed area.

The whole display looks very big, with seemingly hundreds of musicians and soldiers taking place and police in attendance to presumably stop any trouble.

After a while the scene changes to one of mounted soldiers and cannon being pulled by horses so I wonder if this is some sort of battle re-enactment?

After a lot of charging with horses and cannon, the film records some parachutists falling from the sky and landing on the grass, followed by some more which smoke trails attached to their legs.

As I said above I’m not really sure what is being shown in this film and would be interested to know if anyone reading this does? I’m not from a military background, or have any real interest in the military, but it maybe that someone who is or who has an interest, or possibly lives in the Aldershot area, would know what this film is about. If that is the case, please let me know.


I’m grateful to a viewer called Andy who has pointed out that this film was taken at an event called the ‘Aldershot Army Show’ which was held at the Rushmoor arena every year up until the early 1980s.

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