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Tring Carnival and vintage cars

This post features a vintage home movie which was taken at Tring Carnival in the 1970s and at a collection of vintage cars.

The film was taken on Kodachrome standard 8 film and I estimate the date to be in the 1970s based on the fashions of the people shown in the crowd.

I know the location is Tring because the location is written on the plastic reel cover that protects the film which means I didn’t have to carry out any detective work to find the location.

There is also a handwritten note underneath it which says, ‘Vintage Cars’ and this refers to the later portion of the film which shows a collection of cars.

I’m not sure if these vintage cars were on display at the Tring Carnival or part of a separate event although there are a couple of shots of them parading with the floats so it was probably part of the same event.

The film, to my mind, seems to have been taken with a lens that is too long in focal length for the scene being shot. This is probably just because the photographer couldn’t change the lens (many 8mm cameras were fixed lens cameras) and couldn’t stand far enough back from the scene to fully fill the frame. It’s a big unfortunate because much of the action seems to be too close and pass in front of the camera too quickly.

As well as the carnival floats and vintage cars there are also shots of people wearing battle reenactment uniforms and a pop band playing to the crowd. Looks like the people attending had a good day.

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A software developer by profession and an amateur photographer by hobby I've been interested in all things photographic since I was a teenager some 40 years ago. Many of my interests centre around vintage film photography and cinematography.

  1. Deric Newman says:

    It’s not Tring.

    1. Ah – interesting. I don’t know Tring so I couldn’t say for sure but the markings on the film reel suggested it was. Do you have an idea where it could be ?

      1. Stuart Pratt says:

        At 1.37 there is a brief flash of a car with a banner on it, with the word ‘Maidenhead’ on it, so that would be my guess. I think your series of the ‘concrete’ beach is Plymouth. I was there in the 80s at Uni, and recognise the facade and the geology (that’s what I was studying!)

        1. Thanks Stuart – I thought the ‘concrete’ beach series was somewhere in the west country but couldn’t be sure. I’ll update the series with this extra information – thanks again

      2. Robbie Higgins says:

        Stuart Pratt is correct Its Maidenhead High Street at 55 seconds in you see a building now called Berkshire House which is next to a HSBC

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