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Windsor and Eton trip in 1965

This Ilford 8mm vintage home movie shows a trip to Windsor and Eton followed by a boat trip on the river Thames which the photographer and his wife took in 1965.

As well as sights around Windsor and a trip on the Thames, there are interesting shots of Soldiers in Bearskin hats, the long road leading up to Windsor Castle and a Lock on the river which might be the Old Windsor Lock?

I didn’t have to do too much work to find the location this film was shot in because the opening sequence shows the railway station at Windsor and Eton, and the next shot was Windsor Castle which is fairly well known and I recognised it.

I did get thrown a bit however as the film progressed. At just after 3 minutes into the film there is a picture of the John Kennedy memorial and I thought the film had switched to a trip to the USA. This was confusing because just after the memorial, the boat trip resumes. It was only after some google research that I found there is a memorial in this country at Runnymede (which is near the river Thames and Windsor) and that is what appears in the film.

At the time the film was shot in 1965, that memorial would have been quite new having been officially opened in May of 1965, and so became an obvious stopping point during a trip down the Thames.

This film is a bit interesting because, unlike many vintage home movies, we seem to see the photographer himself featured in the film. I believe the man sitting on the bench at 3:34 is the photographer who has swapped the camera with his wife so she can capture him in the film as well as herself.

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