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Enjoyable Caravan holiday in the 1960s

This post features a vintage holiday movie which was taken in the 1960s by a family enjoying a caravan holiday at a holiday park or camp.

Although I did a bit of detective work trying to find where this film was taken, I couldn’t find any signs or clues which allowed me to make an informed decision as to where the family enjoyed their caravan holiday.

There is obviously a caravan park and the people in the film have either rented a caravan or brought their own to the park. They are also using a paddling pool and swimming pool, and are close to a building with ‘Amusements’ written across the top, so it seems the caravan park and the holiday camp are combined to provide a caravan holiday location.

If I do a google search for ‘Caravan and holiday park’ I get hits for Havens, so it’s possible this film was taken at either one of their parks or the equivalent from the 1960s.

I put the date of the film as the 1960s based on the fashions being worn and especially on the cars in the car park outside the amusement building and the Ford Anglia parked on the side of the road next to one of the caravans.

The film itself has a little damage which results in a line being displayed intermittently on the right hand side of the frame. Fortunately, it’s not present throughout the whole film but does rather spoil the watchability of the film.

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