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A holiday in Scotland in 1957

This post features a standard 8 vintage home movie which was taken during a holiday in or visit to scotland in the summer of 1957.

The film was taken on Kodachrome Standard 8 format film and although there is no date written on any notes on the box, the ‘Develop Before’ date is Jan 1958 so I’m fairly sure it was exposed in the Summer of 1957.

One of the fun aspects of watching old vintage home movies is the detective work needed to try to find out locations and events shown in the films, but in this instance I’ve not been very successful. I’ve titled the post ‘A holiday in Scotland’ but to be honest it could also be the Lake District in North England.

There is a stone bridge which appears early in the film which I feel certain I’ve seen before, but a google search for ‘stone bridge in Scotland‘ & ‘stone bridge in Lake District‘, although they resulted in many images, didn’t help me find the location.

The only place that writing appears is at about 30 seconds into the film when a car drives past a sign on the side of a house, but the definition of the film is simply not good enough to make out what the sign says.

So as with so many films on Vintage Home Movies if you can help by identifying any of the locations shown please let me know with the comment form below. It may be you recognise one of the views or can identify the mountain the group of people in the film are climbing, or any other scenes but any help will be gratefully received.

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A software developer by profession and an amateur photographer by hobby I've been interested in all things photographic since I was a teenager some 40 years ago. Many of my interests centre around vintage film photography and cinematography.

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