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A lovely countryside walk in the spring, 1958

This vintage home movie was taken during a lovely walk in the countryside by a family in the spring of 1958.

The film was taken on Kodachrome standard 8 film which had a ‘develop before’ date of Nov 1958 which is why I can be fairly certain of the year. It didn’t take much detective work to determine the season the film was taken in; the opening scene shows bluebells in a forest setting, which puts the date at probably May 1958.

Although the season and date were fairly easy, the location is much more difficult with this type of film. There are very few clues in the actual film, unless you know the house and can recognise it. I would guess that it was probably in the countryside surrounding London, because the photographer who took the film lived in Blackheath, but that is by no means certain.

Countryside Walk film

The film shows two women and three children walking through leafy paths until they arrive at a house in the forest. I assume that the photographer was probably the husband and father of one of the women and the children – since one of the women is obviously older than the other I’m going to suggest she was the mother of either the other woman in the film or the photographer.

After the family arrive at the house there are then some shots of a bird’s nest in the garden, although unfortunately this sequence is poorly focused so not much can be made out. This is rather a shame since it looks as if the pictures are of a mother bird feeding her chicks and would have been quite interesting.

The final few moments are of the two adults of the earlier part of the film joined by another older woman who are this time looking round a more formal garden.

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