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Interesting Southsea Castle historical re-enactment

This film seems to show a re-enactment of some sort at Southsea Castle near Portsmouth which took place sometime in the 1970s.

I’m not sure exactly what is being re-enacted in the film, but the main theme seems to be that a prisoner is taken from a boat and marched up to Southsea Castle. It’s an odd sort of display in a way because the public intermingle with the ‘actors’ as the enactment takes place. It’s a sort of Interactive Theatre battle re-enactment.

The film was shot on standard 8, Kodachrome film and I estimate it to have taken place in the early 1970s based on the fact that I saw a chopper bike wheel into view as the prisoner is escorted from the ship. In fact, that was one of the funnier moments in the film!

When it came to detective work to find out what was going on, there wasn’t too much necessary to find the location, because the castle is clearly identified as the action takes place. I did find, from the wikipedia article on Southsea Castle, that it was used as a military prison in the 1840s, so I suspect that the enactment is probably about some prisoner who was held there in the period after the Napoleonic wars. The uniforms the ‘soldiers’ are wearing certainly, to my not very knowledgeable eyes, look that sort of period.

As usual, if anyone viewing this film has a better understanding of what is going on please let me know using the comments form below. It could be a famous event or a completely fabricated one but I’d love to have more information about what is really happening.

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