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Pompeii visit during Holiday in Italy

This 8mm home movie was taken during a holiday in Italy during the 1970s and seems to show footage of the ruins at Pompeii as well as a holiday resort in Italy.

I have to admit to not being sure if the ruins shown are actually Pompeii or not. There a picture of a notice board early in the film with some clear writing on which I fed into google translate to find out that the language was Italian. Once I had that piece of information I continued my detective work to try to find the location of the ruins and Pompeii seemed to be the best fit, but I couldn’t find any particular landmark which confirmed conclusively that is the case.

The first part of the film is a typical home movie with shots around the area the photographer was staying. This was obviously a coastal region of Italy because there are lots of images of boats, the sea and mountains including some views looking down on a harbour from high up in the mountains.

The second half of the film was taken at the ruins and shows the usual broken columns, pillars and walls you would expect. Another slight worry I have about if this is Pompeii or not is that there are no shots of the people who were caught in the eruption which made Pompeii famous. Since they are some of the most memorable and famous aspects of that city I’m surprised that the photographer didn’t capture them, so it’s possible I have got the location completely wrong.

Once again – as with so many of the films here on Vintage Home Movies – I’m going to ask any viewer who has a better knowledge of Italy and Italian ruins to see if they can either confirm the location or provide the correct one if I’m wrong. Let me know in the comments form below.

Ruins in Italy

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