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Mystery Society Wedding from c 1960

The rather jittery film embedded in this post seems to show a society wedding which occurred in about 1960. If it wasn’t a ‘society’ wedding, it certainly seems to attract a lot of attention and crowds at the entrance to the church.

The film is a Kodachrome Standard 8 film which has suffered from a few issues in its 60 year history.

For a start the sprocket holes have suffered some damage and this has caused the film to be quite jerky during its transformation from analogue to digital. This is also compounded be a fault in the camera as the film was taken which has caused the registration of the frames to overlap in some instances. It’s possible that the camera caused the damage to the sprocket holes of course, but never the less, this has resulted in the film being quite jittery. I ran it through a stabilisation filter to remove as much of this as possible, but it is still very noticeable.

The only concrete information I have about the film is written on the Kodachrome box it is in which says, ‘David’s Wedding St Neots‘ and the fact that the develop before date of the film is July 1960.

Still images from the film

Here are some still images from the film which show some of the guests arriving at the wedding.

Society Wedding film

To be honest I don’t know if this is a society wedding, or just a local wedding which attracted a lot of local attention. The clues which made me think it was a wedding of a possibly famous couple were that there seemed to be a lot of people waiting at the church gate watching people arrive, there was a red carpet laid out for the guests to walk up, there are certainly photographers present who seem to be using press cameras and there are apparently flashes from cameras taking pictures of the guests.

Admittedly, the last clue may not be accurate – it’s possible the effect which looked like flashes could also be caused by the obvious fault in the camera as the film was taken, although there are certainly scenes where the people in the film are stopping to be photographed.

One other thing which keeps nagging at me is that the woman in the blue coat who stands to be photographed at the entrance to the church looks familiar but I can’t put a name to the face.

I think this is going to be one of those posts where I’m hoping someone who sees the film will be able to supply some additional information about the people involved – unless of course this is not a society wedding at all; it may just be one couple’s happy day.

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