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A Visit to The Tower of London in the early 1970s

This very short 8mm film clip shows a family trip to the Tower of London which was probably taken in about 1970 or shortly after.

About the film

This clip was part of a much longer film which featured many different weddings the photographer had visited and filmed. I published that film a couple of days ago, and as I was processing it I found this short clip sandwiched between the other, longer sections. It could be that it was taken during a family wedding near the Tower of London, but the sequence in the film which followed it was certainly not in London so I think it was taken during a family day out.

It was shot on Kodachrome standard 8 film, and probably consists of one side of a standard 50 ft reel since it lasts about a minute and a half.

The Tower of London film

Often on vintage home movies I will post some images taken from the film to give an indication of the content but I haven’t done that with this film because at 1:30 it really isn’t necessary!

The most noticeable thing as you watch the film is the amount of change compared to the same part of London today. Other than the Tower of London itself, and the All Hallows by the Tower church, virtually everything else seems to have been rebuild in the 50 odd years since this film was taken.

Following on from the Tower, the family visited other landmarks in London including Tower Bridge and Big Ben.

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A software developer by profession and an amateur photographer by hobby I've been interested in all things photographic since I was a teenager some 40 years ago. Many of my interests centre around vintage film photography and cinematography.

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